Writing instruments history Invention to Evolution.

Human’s first writing instrument was his fingers through which he used to draw shapes on surfaces like ground and sand.

How writing affects our routine & history! Past to Present

Writing instrument sometime also known as writing implements. It is one of the oldest or one of the first invention therefore it was used to draw lines and curves over surfaces. Best of best invention of humanity so far. Because of using it we could mange to take record of our history, ideas and discoveries which will help us at present to gain knowledge and make implements in our life and to spread all over the world. Writing instrument has only one basic function which is to produce or make more smooth lines or curves besides of style statement in pocket therefore it gained popularity among all generations. Writing could also be a making different figures, different shapes and lines or to produce shapes which makes artistic painting or drawing.

Another writing instrument used by some of blind people is stylus to produce or punching out holes in slate to produce Braille.

Writing instrument existence is based on their physical appearance because they never run-out of fashion.


Before Invention of Pigment

writing instrument used in 40th century

People were used rigid pointed tool to create cuts and shapes on flat surfaces or we can say hand engraving on flat surface. But we can say that this is not the right technical evolution as it produces the artist sculptures. Ancient Sumerians culture were suing triangular point shape tool to produce impression on clay tablet which is soft in nature and then backed it make impression permanent, actually that was not permanent but it could be last long for some period of time. In present we are also using techniques to engrave name on several surfaces like winner trophy, Name plate etc but we all know that the tool used to make this impressions actually not called as writing instrument.

Ancient Romans were using Lead based tool which is called Styli to write on wax coated tablet made of wood. Interesting thing was that it was probably the first erasable writing in history as they using Beeswax to remove written letter/symbols and making surface smooth again to write.

Similarly Around 3000BC, India developed writing techniques and that period is called ad Vedic ages where all Vedas written.

Writing instrument after invention of Ink

Old writing instrument with paper and fountain pen
                   Vintage fountain pen

In Writing instruments history there is Era of Dip Pen: Pen is most common instrument which uses ink to write on surface because pen is working on capillary action principal to drop ink on any surface. In past pens were made from a nature material which were hollow inside and round in shape as a result people used to slice one end of that material in nib shape. This type of pen has small ink reservoir so, used to regularly dipped back in external ink pot for replenishing.

Quill Pen with vinatage ink pot placed on table
                                   Quill Pen

Reed pen were used by Ancient Egyptians on papyrus material probably from which paper were made of. During that time in Europe and America people were using Quill pen which was widely used till 19th century. Now they are used in formal settings such as calligraphy & bank major transaction. Quills were commonly made out of feather of Bird like Goose and Raven similarly for showing status and prestige some time quills were made from feather of Swan and Peacock. People used different type of material like parchment and vellum, with quill pen.

vintage fointain pen nib close view
                 Vintage Fountain pen Nib

During 17th century writing become more popular among people, quill modified and made to be more flexible for writing, Graphite pencils were first discovered during that time, Graphite discovered back in starting of 16th century. Quill pen was most popular until discovery of fountain pen. Fountain pen is pen with metal nib and ink reservoir inside body for the reason that it got instant popularity, as its uniqueness and less frequency of replenishment of ink from ink pot. It was the pen through which we could manage to write down writing instruments history over paper

Writing Instruments History timeline

  • 1560, First of all an Italian couple named Simonio and Lyndiana Bernacotti made wood carpentry type pencil.
  • 1630 first pencil was made which is found in timbered house.
  • 1795 The modern pencil was invented in by Nicholas-Jacques Conte, a scientist serving in the army of Napoleon Bonaparte
  • 1809 Bartholomew Folsch received a patent in England for a pen with an ink reservoir
  • 1827 French Government patented a fountain pen in which was an invention of Romanian Petrache Poenaru
  • 1832 The first factory opened in named The Cumberland Pencil Company
  • 1858 March 30, inventor Hymen L. Lipman patented the first pencil with a built-in eraser and then sold it for $100,000
  • 1882, John Mitchell from Birmingham was the first to mass-produce pens with metal nibs.
  • 1888 Ball Pen was invented by John J. Loud
  • 1906 Slavoljub Eduard Penkala invented Mechanical Pencil
  • 1907 the first solid-ink fountain pen by Slavoljub Eduard Penkala
  • 1911, R.N. Saha registered several patents in India and abroad and started Luxmy Stylo Pen Works in Varanasi, India
  • 1932 in India First Fountain pen was made by Ratnam Pens
  • 1938 Ball pen improved by László Bíró
  • 1963 Roller ball pen, which uses water-based ink, appeared in Japan
  • 1990 Porous point pens that have points made from porous materials such as felt or ceramic appeared in 1990s

In present we uses many of products from above in our routine to take out most of. But did you know there are still some of products which are used as accessories to improve functionalities like Stencils to draw perfect letters, Pencil extender to use maximum pencil from tip to toe, Pencil Sharpers, inkwell, and rulers.

Writing in outer Space

Fisher Space pen can write in space
Fisher Space Pen

Writing in space is more difficult as the ordinary writing instruments gets leaked at high altitude and at zero gravity. Any shredding, including wood, Graphite, and ink may become risk in space closed capsule. That means we require some of special designed and tested writing instrument to use in space. Well that means it cost more as its special features, yes right!

So one of the private company named Fisher Pen company USA developed Space pen in 1960s. while there is myth that NASA has spent a lot to develop pen that can write in space, while Soviet Union used pencil instead.

Space Pen uses pressured nitrogen to dispense ink on surface, it it capable of writing even at 120°C of temperature.

Now technology has reached beyond the level, this industry has grown so much and there us pen manufactured by many companies which can write up on any surfaces or we can say most type of surfaces.

Writing instruments are basic instruments through which we had completed our education. Even white chalk and black board has contributed extraordinary role in our education field where whiteboard and its marker not invented, and still many of Government school located in rural are using and pushing education boundaries beyond the level.

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