Getting SEO Metadata of the competitor’s whole domain (All of the URLs) is not an easy task. But in this blog, we will help you to accomplish this mission

What is Meta Data in SEO?

For SEO geeks, Metadata is the first to go thing. Marketers, there are 03 main metadata types

1) Meta Title:

  • It is the title you give to the page i.e the Shortest introduction of what the page is about. In plain English, it is the first Heading you read when searching for any of the keywords on Google
  •  Industry experts suggest a Meta title length of 60 characters
  • We can find it for any web page with the page source tool of the browser.
  • Syntax <meta name=”Titlecontent=”This is page Title“/> or <title>This is page Title</title>
  • The below screenshot will help you to understand where the Meta Title will display in Search Engine Result Page (SERP)

metatitle highlighted on SERP

2) Meta Description:

  • The Detailed paragraph of what your page is about or offering in terms of service/product or content
  • SEO Experts suggest keeping it as short as 155 to 160 characters
  • Syntax <meta name=”descriptioncontent=”This is Description of Page“/>
  • The below screenshot will help you to understand where the meta description will display in SERP

Showing meta description of websites in SERP

3) Meta Keywords:

  • Practically it is an obsolete practice to use Meta Keywords
  • Nowadays Search engines like Google and Bing are no more entertaining this metadata. We will keep this short as it is not so popular in SEO Community

For SEO geeks getting meta data of the whole site is a challenging task as it consumes more time for beginners and experts also if they are not using Paid SEO tools.
Some Paid SEO tool offers complete service to get the Meta Title, Meta Description, and Meta Keywords of our site or Competitors.

I got a new Task, collect all Meta data of the whole site before migration will start to keep a record. Here comes the main challenge, which is that it is an easy task to perform if I have Paid subscription to SEO tools, but what do if don’t have one?
I had gone many and many searches in google to find the solution but none of my plans works well, as no free tool is offering direct process and complete coverage.
Here I am sharing with you and method on how to extract metadata of any website.
We are going to use two free tools which will help us to get our job done
1) XML sitemap URL Extractor
2) Meta Data Extractor

Step 1:

Visit the site on which you want to extract data. In my case, I had taken for reference

Step 2:

Visit site Free XML sitemap URL Extractor

free XML Sitemap URL extractor

Paste the sitemap URL of domain you want to check and hit LOAD SITEMAP button. We can see the results of URLs as shown in below image, now copy all of them in clipboard or you can export them if data is too large

free XML Sitemap URL extractor results

Step 3:

Visit Meta tag Extractor by Buzzstream

meta data extractor by buzzstream

Step 4:

Paste the URLs and hit GO button and it will load all meta Tags automatically

meta data extractor result for sony entertainment

Copy this data and paste it into MS Excel or Google Sheets for future referance.